Here We Go Again!

Short update, my blog has been virtually untouched for a long time now.

The scene is different now - yours truly is in Bangalore - the land where chinks and tamilian guys are more prevalent than namma Kannadigas!

2011 is bound to be one helluva year - Wordplay Content is kicking ass and our quest to become India's premier domain for web content is on in full throttle.

Starting up with a dedicated team has been an amazing experience so far - but there's more commitments to keep and milestones to hit!

Here's to 2011! :)
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When Vinay buzzed me up and informed me about a Deep Purple gig in 10 Downing Street sponsored by z3 Shirts, the news hardly hit home, because as far as my playlist goes, Led Zeppelin has always presided over the rest of its kind like Deep Purple or Black Sabbath.

But man, one night in 10D was enough to convince me otherwise.

Deep Purple have this distinct appeal about their songs.. the brashness of Sid Vicious, the guitar play of the overlords.. understandable, cuz they've got Ritchie Blackmore among their ranks.. the guy is pure genius.. and without drifting from the topic, they also have a more subtle sound, a curious mix of world music interwoven into Classic Hard Rock.

Mention Deep Purple and people immediately think Smoke On The Water. There's more to them than that, my friend. And so I discovered along the length of the Deep Purple tribute.. a couple of ol' Deep Purple faithfuls and some songs I had never heard of before.

Had a whale of a time with the merry gang of Vman, Jagan, Kman and Lee.. with our senses melting into El Booze and Le Music.. what better combination can a man ask for, I say. And that's all the French and Mexican I can come up with.. :)

Really tight act.. great band.. with strong lead vocals, a great drummer and guitarists who knew their trade. For the record.. the band consisted of Timothy Madhukar, Joshua Raj, Wilfred Demoz, Shyam Rao, Jim Satya, Vijji Cheyyur and Rohan Nambiar.. rather unknown among the general public, but regulars with the Chennai Rock scene enthusiasts.

Their covers of Burn, Black Night and Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming had the audience roaring for more, and Highway Star was in huge demand with the crowd chanting the song's name over Luke Kenny's talk. Perfect Strangers was yet another great cover.. and dude, we all do know how good Smoke On The Water is, any time of the century.

Amazing night, set the groove factor rolling and sent me ransacking Warez websites for Deep Purple discographies. Hope the z3 guys sponsor more such events and promote the rise of the rock subculture in our city.

Until next time :)

Cheers to life!

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Stumbled across this list of top 10 Existentialist movies of all time.

There are a few more great ones mentioned in the list.. although methinks the guy's done a good job of assessing the messages conveyed in each movie.

And here's the link.


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#6- Chezzhness

And thats my 50th Post! Half century!

Cheers! Free :D
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The Long Arm Of...

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The V-man Chronicles!

The thing about the Web is, you never get enough of it. It never gets boring, and it never quite gets old, cuz there's always a million stuff you can do. :)

And I kick-off yet another new timepass in my cyber life... Comic Strips!!!!!

I've started this new strip called 'The Vman Chronicles' that specifically revolves around(you guessed it) our very own Vishal and Anish!

Its just that these guys are major sources of fun in their own ways... Vman being the scrawny, happy-go-lucky 'dude' and Anees being the 'rotund', 'chubby'(in his words), or plainly fat funny guy who has a social life that can rival mine anyday. :P

So in a quest to curb my vettiness, I've added this to my daily to-do list.. just check it out and lemme know how badly it sucks.

Get the grub here. Free!!!!

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Literature Blues

Literature is always a riot, and the way we freaking play it is beyond awesome.

Sample a bunch of extremely lazy, non-thinking, free-ing, pointlessly laughing and totally crazy guys and line them up to play this thinking game of cards which focuses on Memory more than anything, and you will know what I mean.

We'd given up on the regular Literature habit due to a bunch of pointless reasons, ranging from the end of Margazhi to the decline of the V-man era, and Mooli was the bleddy fellow who suggested the idea of playing the game at his play during our usual round of Dahi Samosas in Bakya.

So we rounded up the old set of Literature faithfuls... the regular shaving 'set' of Me, Dipak and Jagan... versus GS, Mooli and Mokka Maddy/V-man.

And man, was it a riot. In a flurry of worstu activities and an even worse play, we decided upon new nicknames for our usual gang starting this Tamizh New Year. This may not seem even remotely funny to members outside the vetti circle, but the usual suspects will know what it implies.

So the nicknames go like..

Dipak Ragav- The Thoppa Floo

Maddy- The Mokka Floo

I yam- The Golti Floo

GS- The Worstu Floo

Mouli- The Pool Floo

Jagan- The Late Floo

V-man- The Arrear Floo


Anish- The Panda Floo.

If thats not a testimony to our vettiness, nothing else is. And speaking of testimonies, let it be known that I'm currently in a mood of accepting testimonials in Orkut. :P

Cheers... :D Free.
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